New Adventures

Dear Friends and Family,

After my trip to Africa in 2002 most of my adventures
have been of a more personal and internal nature.
They wouldn't, I assume, make very interesting
reading, and so I haven't put them into writing. As
you probably know, I married my soulmate Sarah in
December of 2003, and have since been living a quiet
apartment-dwellers life in Albany, Oregon. It will
have to suffice to say that marriage has been the
biggest and most life-changing adventure of our lives,
but that there is no way it can be explained by any
amount of writing.

Thankfully, the introduction is over, and so now on to
the present! Now that we've had some time to get to
know eachother, Sarah and I have decided to go
travelling! At first we wanted to visit Nairobi on a
short-term mission trip, but our money didn't save as
quickly as hoped, and we decided that it wasn't meant
to be. Instead, we began planning for India, but once
again the cost (mostly of airline tickets) redirected
us. We've finally settled on a three-month trip to
Europe which we will embark on with or without the
funds we would like due to the fact that we have
already bought our tickets!

We are scheduled to fly out of Seattle on November
30th and return from London on March 1st. In the
meantime we are hoping to visit some friends at their
home in southern France, are considering a little time
at L'Abri, and have great hopes of staying warm
camping in the dead of winter in southern Italy and
the islands of Greece!

Aside from sharing our news, I am writing to find out
if you are interested in getting regular e-mail
updates of our adventures. If you are interested,
please reply! I am vaguely considering blogging, as
that is apparently the popular thing to do these days,
so if you have a leaning toward either e-mail or blog,
please let me know that as well. Hearing back from
you may very well inspire me to do a bit more personal
e-mailing, so please do write! I would be interested
to know what you are up to!

Yours always,
-Dustin Radford