Catching Up

It was a busy summer and I didn't manage to keep up with blogging, so here are some pictures of the highlights.

In June, Abby went to the zoo for the first time. We spent several hours there, and she loved it!

She also received her first major haircut (from me). It turned out a lot shorter than I expected.

In July, she started stacking everything she saw.

We also discovered a cool free water park in Wilsonville.  

In August we went on a church camping trip. It would have been great, except for all the rain and the freezing cold nights!

This is Abby just before her first airplane ride (piloted by her dad). When we got in the air she wasn't so sure about the whole thing, but by the time we got back down she was giggling. When asked if she had fun she said yes, but when asked if she wanted to go again she quickly said no!

Abby's second birthday was August 20th. Instead of having several different parties with different sides of the family, we decided to have one big party at our house. Dustin and I spent several hours making the cake. It was supposed to be fairy wings, but it looked just like a butterfly!

Not much happened in September, and when it did we didn't have the camera. We spent one afternoon picking prunes. We picked 90 pounds, but had to throw out about 6 because a dog came and peed in our box! I also managed to fall out of a tree but no damage was done. All of our September pictures are of Dustin and Abby being their usual odd selves. Like father like daughter,  right? 

In between all of these happenings was a lot of gardening, canning, and dehydrating! I'll be doing a separate post for October because it was a big month for Abby and me.