Easier viewing of Abby photos!

Hi all!!

To those of you who were unable or unwilling to access
our pictures on myspace, I appologize. It just
happened to be the easiest place to upload them at the
time, and I didn't realize you couldn't view them if
you weren't a member! We have uploaded pictures of
baby Abby to our blog, which is fully public, at:


Feeling not quite as exhausted... tomorrow Abby will
be two weeks old! Thank you so much to all who sent
cards and gifts, they are much appreciated!

Off to change a diaper!

Dustin and Sarah Radford
1500 Pleasant View Drive, Apt. #125
Gresham, Oregon 97080

Home (503) 665-2732
Mobile (please call only if you can't reach us at home first)
(503) 841-0770

"May you live all the days of your life"
-Johnathan Swift

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