Christmas 2010 Video/Letter

Merry Christmas!  Here is a link to a little video I put together...  Thanks to our neighbor John for recording and editing the great audio.
Radfords Christmas 2010

Merry Christmas!

Dear Friends and Family,
Merry Christmas! We’ve been so blessed this year and hope you have, too.
Abby is growing fast. She turned four, started Preschool, and is learning to read. She tries to read everything! The other day she was watching me work on the computer and asked, “What does Google mean?” 
I rebuilt my first VW engine over the summer, which, unfortunately seized up at 2,000 miles and is now back apart for my second rebuild. I got to do a lot of flying for work this summer and now exceed the minimum qualifications for most missionary aviation agencies.
Sarah stayed busy at home filling 3 freezers and all of our canning jars with tasty things, and being a mom and wife.
The most exciting news of the year is that we are expecting a sister for Abby at the end of April.  Abby is looking forward to having a sister, but is a bit unsure about sharing her room. She is also worried that the baby will eat her toys!
Overall it’s been a year of growth for each of us personally and together as a family. We are thankful for so many blessings and especially for Jesus, our greatest blessing. May you be filled with wonder and thanksgiving for your many blessings as we celebrate His birth together.
Sincerely yours,
Dustin, Sarah, and Abby

PNG trip video!

Hi all!

After a very long time, I have finally compiled a "highlights" video of our trip to PNG.  We will be presenting it at church (Canby Alliance) on Feb 14th, then doing a longer presentation Wednesday, Feb 17th.  Mark your calendars!  ;-)  Seriously though, I hope you enjoy the video.


PNG pics