Rolling Along...

Dear Friends and Family,

There have certainly been a lot of big changes around
here recently! Abigail, of course, is the biggest of
them.... well, not literally. At seven weeks, she's
now up to about 9 pounds! However, that little
nine-pounder has done more to change our lives than
just about anything else... ever! She's getting cuter
by the day, and is now very alert and perceptive of
her surroundings. Her noises are taking on shape, and
she actually rolled from her tummy to her back
yesterday! She got so angry about being on her tummy,
I think she did it out of sheer frustration! She has
slept "through the night" (about 6 hours) several
times, but is certainly not making it a regular habit
yet! I didn't know I could still get by on this much
sleep... I thought after college days that was all
over, but I guess not!

We sold the little white 4-Runner and bought a 1988
Mercedes for $400 to be our new "backup car." It has
awful paint and a lot of other issues, but did pass
DEQ with flying colors and is now legally registered!
It is a joy to drive! With a lot of work, it could be
an absolutely beautiful vehicle!

The job we moved up here for, at Troutdale Aircraft
Service, is no longer. The boss there has a way he
wants every little thing done, and for me, it seemed
to change daily. After being chewed out several times
for things I still don't comprehend, it was time to
start looking. Although there was a lot about the
company that I liked, I finally turned in my two week
notice. Three days from what was to be my last, the
boss told me he didn't think I was working up to his
standards, and that I should go home and spend time
with my family before starting my new job. As much as
I would like that, I responded that I really couldn't
afford it, and would do my best in the next few days.
"Well, you'd better go home anyway," he said. That
kind of encapsulates the situation. When any employer
begins to care about the "bottom line" more than the
employees who make it possible, I lose respect for

That afternoon I rolled my toolbox out the hangar
door, about three hundred feet east, and into the
hangar door of Advanced Aircraft Service. Whereas
most of my former co-workers expressed wishes that
they could leave as well, my new co-worker said he had
been working there for a year, and looked forward to
coming to work every day. I started working there the
next morning, making a better wage, and in a MUCH
better atmosphere. I already know, after only several
weeks, that this is a job I won't mind staying with.
I am so glad for the change.

Sarah is getting back into the swing of things. Her
Avon business is taking up the few minutes when she
isn't taking care of Abby. If any of you are
interested in ordering for the holiday season online,
please let us know, and we will be sure to make it

That about wraps up the "Big" news, and all of the
time I have right now. There is so much to be done,
and so much less time to do it than there used to be!

God bless you all!
--Dustin, Sarah, and Abby-P

Dustin and Sarah Radford
1500 Pleasant View Drive, Apt. #125
Gresham, Oregon 97080

Home (503) 665-2732
Mobile (please call only if you can't reach us at home first)
(503) 841-0770

"May you live all the days of your life"
-Johnathan Swift

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