Leaving today!

Dear Friends and Family,

The last few items are being checked off of my list, and only a few
hours remain until we board the first plane to begin the next phase of
the adventure that will certainly change our lives for not only the
next two months, but forever.
We will be in flight for a total of almost 24 hours. With our
layovers, the trip will take three full days.

Please pray for our physical health

Pray that we will have safe flights

Pray that we will not become over-stressed during the trip

Pray that our home will be safe while we are gone

Pray that there are no problems with customs or flight connections

Pray that we will be able to sleep on the airplane

The Last Crazy Week
It seems like the last week has been unusually stressful and hectic.
Sunday evening we had a computer hardware glitch, requiring an
overnight shipment of a new hard-drive and complete re-installation of
everything on the computer (done Thursday night). On Monday I came
down with an odd rash accompanied by fatigue that lasted until
Thursday. Abby complained of a "hurting tummy" Monday evening. I had
meetings from after work until 9pm the first three nights of the
week. Thursday we found out that our house-sitters may not be able to
be here as planned. It almost seemed as if when something could go
wrong, it did.
Maybe the Enemy doesn't want us to go. Maybe God is giving our faith
a chance to grow. Whatever the reason for all of these things, we
found ourselves leaning on God for our strength, and feeling the power
of your prayers supporting us. We are all feeling healthy now, and a
blood test confirmed that I don't have something awful that will be
haunting us as we go. The computer appears to be working normally.
All of the packing is done, and the very long list is whittled down to
the last few things.
One thing we would like prayer for is our house-sitters. Their
brother was unexpectedly diagnosed with an aggressive form of
leukemia. Please pray for him, and for their family, as they go
through this difficult time.
As a result, they don't know when they will be able to stay here, and
have come up with some other options for themselves in case we find
someone else to do it. If you know someone who would be interested in
house-sitting, please e-mail us as soon as possible.
Please pray that our trip would be blessed in every way. We thank
all of you! Without you and the many ways you have been a blessing to
us, this trip wouldn't be possible.
Look for our next update when we get to Ukarumpa!


Rita 8:40 PM  

Thanks to God that you had an uneventful flight to NZ! We've been looking at the clock all day saying, "They just have an hour of flight time left. Soon they'll be landing. By now maybe they've checked into the hotel for some rest." So we're thrilled that you blogged to let us all know. We'll be praying that God will continue to protect and bless you as you finish your trip. We love you all!
Mom and Dad Radford