We've gone High Tech!

Hi there everyone!

If you are one of those gadget and gizmo people, or
just spend plenty of time with your computer, you will
be interested to know that you can now have our blog
delivered directly via your RSS feed to your homepage,
mobile phone, or toaster! (ok... that would be a
very expensive toaster). I'm not a techie, but it was
very simple for me to "Syndicate" our blog and allow
an RSS feed to anywhere. If you are interested (or
have the least idea what this is all about), the blog
is now available via:



The days of technology.... wow.

-Dustin and Sarah

"An ADVENTURE is trouble you got out of..." -Jim Stenberg, high-school English teacher.

We will have no address other than e-mail during our trip, but our mail is now going to the address below. The phone number will be current until we leave.

Dustin and Sarah Radford
2357 Rodney Ct.
Springfield, OR 97477
(541) 928-8647

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Isaac 2:21 PM  

I looked at the possibilty of people accessing my RSS feed or Atom feed from my website, and recently I started using Firefox, which has a new feature called Live Bookmarks. Live Bookmarks automatically checks pages that update regularly (like Blogs) and lists the headlines from the recent posts to updated pages.

As an alternative to RSS and Atom feeds, I started a Bloglet account where people can enter their email address, and they will be delivered a message to their email inbox that has the first 50-100 characters of the most recent post.

May your adventures be adventurous. :)

suburbancorrespondent 2:11 PM  

Hi - I just noticed someone clicking on to my site from yours and checked it out. Thanks for putting me on your favorite links! Sounds as though you have quite the adventure planned. I'll have to enjoy it vicariously, as I think it would be quite a bit trickier with 6 kids.