New Adventures: Arrived at least...

Dear Friends and Family,
I am typing from an awful remapped keyboard in
Belgium, apparently someone here is trying to get back
at me for something... perhaps just speaking English.
Anyway, I will keep this short, as it is painfully
slow to type anything.
We arrived without unusual event in London,
exhausted even though we had been fortunate enough to
have three seats to stretch out on for the entire
10-hour plane ride. We spent about a week in London
seeing the sights such as Big Ben, The House of
Parliament, St. Pauls Cathedral, The Tower of London,
and pharaohs and Greek gods galore at the fabulous
British Museum. Of course we also had a generous
helping of fish and chips, or french-fries (which are
both supposed to be eaten with a fork).We stayed with
a friend at her apartment in north London, and the
real highlight of our time there was meeting friends
of hers and seeing "real London" the way few tourists
are priveleged to.
We never did fully recuperate from jet-lag, but
decided to hop a short Ryanair flight to Eindhoven,
The Netherlands, on Wednesday. We arrived late, and
without a clear idea of where we were going to stay.
It was a nasty windy night and somewhere near
freezing. After the bus ride from the airport (which
was free thanks to the driver, who couldnt take the
large denomination which was the only money we had),
we walked 30 minutes to a Guesthouse, similar to a Bed
and Breakfast in the States, but without the
breakfast... Only to find no one home! We stood
freezing on the doormat trying to decide what to do
next, and finally ended up walking all the way back to
the bus station in search of a phone. By then we were
both tired and more than a little grouchy, so we got
into a cab, hoping it could take us to the nearest
youth hostel. The driver had no idea where one was.
Neither did we.
After sitting in his comfortable cab for half an
hour, during which the cabbie made numerous calls to
try to locate a place for us to stay, he finally
called the number listed for the same guesthouse we
had walked to earlier. The owner answered his mobile
phonbe, and informed the cabbie that we could stay,
and that the key was under the very doormat we had
been standing on!
The next day we rented bikes and spent the day
seeing Eindhoven in true Dutch style. This morning we
left our friendly Dutch host with an unpronounceable
name and took the train to Brussels, where we have
just gotten comfortable. The weather is quite cold,
however, and it is likely that we will continue south
soon. I will write more later, but from a more
comfortable keyboard. We have posted some pictures to
our Flickr account (available through the blogsite),
if you are interested.

Until then,
-Dustin and Sarah

"An ADVENTURE is trouble you got out of..." -Jim Stenberg, high-school English teacher.

We will have no address other than e-mail during our trip, but our mail is now going to the address below. The phone number will be current until we leave.

Dustin and Sarah Radford
2357 Rodney Ct.
Springfield, OR 97477
(541) 928-8647

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